Black Chocolate Pussy

Fuck Me To The Moon

Jasmine Jynx

Jasmine Jynx Sexy Fishnet Stockings

Jasmine Jynx is wearing some sexy fishnet stockings that make it look like she has the whole universe wrapped up in her thighs. Our lucky stud enters the picture looking to make a big bang where it counts. Jasmine teases him by grinding her hips and cooch against his package on the bed, getting him as hard as a moon rock. Then she runs his cock up her stockings, catching it between her cheeks and letting it slide up and down her back. She turns over and spreads her cosmic legs to let him play with her chocolate pussy lips, and then climbs on top of him to ride him reverse cowgirl style. She loves taking his big dipper in her black hole while he gets his rocks off. Then, she gets down and takes his milky way all over her face and mouth. This is one hell of an intergalactic fuck sesh!

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